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Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing


Double Row Angular Contact Bearing


Four Ball Contact


The deep groove ball bearing is the most widely used roller bearing. It’s structure is simple and is easy of use. It is mainly used to bear the radial load. By means of increasing the rib height coefficient, the radial play, etc., the deep-groove ball bearing may have a certain performance of the angular contact ball bearing, i.e. bearing a certain radial load. Compared with other kinds of bearings of the same size, the deep groove ball bearing features lower friction coefficient and high speed limit, but it has low impact resistance and is not applicable to bearing heavy load.


Deep groove ball bearings are commonly used in a number of applications as their simple structures and convenient using. They mainly carry radial loads, but also can carry combined loads as same as angular contact ball bearings when the radial clearance increases. They may carry pure axial loads when the speed is high and thrust ball bearings are not suitable. Comparing with other bearings, deep groove ball bearings have lower friction coefficient and higher limiting speed, but cannot carry heavy loads.
Deep groove ball bearings commonly adopt ribbon steel pressed cages, and metal machined solid cages are often for large-size deep groove ball bearings.
Deep groove ball bearings are widely used in automotives, tractors, machine tools, generators, water-pumps,agriculture machinery, textile machinery, etc.


The single row angular contact bearings can support the axial load in one specific direction. Its axial loading capacity depends on the contact angle α. The bigger the contact angle is, the higher its axial bearing capacity is. The typical contact angle is 15°, 25°, and 40°.
This kind of bearing is divided in two types: separable and inseparable types.
Metal solid cages are mainly used in single row angular contact ball bearings. Phenolic cloth laminated tube solid cages are usually used for high speed applications, and the maximum temperature is 120°C.


The design of double row angular contact ball bearing is almost totally same as that of the single row angular contact ball bearing. However, its axial dimension is relatively small.So,the double row angular contact ball bearings can be considered to a pair of back-to-back single row bearings. It can bear axial loads in two directions as well as torques.
Double row angular contact ball bearings usually have fitting solt, the side of the raceway without fitting solt must carry main loads when bearings are in use.


Four point contact ball bearings are separable bearings, in which, type QJ0000 has two piece inner ring, type QJF0000 has two piece outer rings, their contact angle are both 35°. When carrying pure radial loads, each ball cotacts with rings are four point, and they are two point contact under pure axial loads. The bearings can carry axial loads in two directions and certain moment loads, and have the features of single row and double row angular contact ball bearings. They only can work normally in high speed when two point contact is formed.
Brass or aluminium solid cages are exactly suitbale for four point contact ball bearings.
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